10 Gifs From ‘The Office’ That Accurately Describe Us During Exams

The Office does a great job of unintentionally exemplifying how the stress of everyday in a workplace has a strong resemblance to the stress we face during exams. Take a look…

1. When you realize exams are just around the corner

2. When you now regret taking a study hall because you don’t have an exemption  

3. When your teacher hands you a nine page review packet

4. When you find out you can’t use a notecard

5. When it’s the day before exams and you finished studying

6. When you have your first mental breakdown

7. When you have your second one

8. When you think you’re well prepared but you see the first question and have no idea

9. When you think you’re almost done with the test but there’s a back page

10. When you finally finish the exam and the world is yours for the taking 

 Ah, you gotta love The Office.

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