7 Greatest Jim Pranks on Dwight in 'The Office'

7 Greatest Jim Pranks on Dwight in ‘The Office’

Fans of ‘The Office’ remember Jim and Dwight’s ‘friendly’ relationship. Throughout the show they constantly have some sort of prank war going on. Especially when Jim pranks Dwight in almost every season, and some of them are beyond hilarious. These are seven of Jim’s greatest pranks on Dwight on the show.

1. Dwight’s Desk Being Moved to The Bathroom

 Seems like a harmless prank right? It takes a lot of work to move a huge desk into a tiny bathroom. Jim moved Dwight’s desk one inch at a time without him noticing until eventually he was just sitting in the bathroom.

2. Replacing Strippers With a Benjamin Franklin Impersonator

 Phyllis was having a Bachelorette party at Dunder Mufflin and Jim was in charge of getting strippers. Of course, Jim takes the chance of not hiring strippers and instead hired a Benjamin Franklin impersonator. Dwight was not convinced that it was the real Benjamin Franklin. There may have been no actual strippers but who knows maybe the impersonator could have been a good stripper.

3. Being Asian

 Jim had an Asian friend and he decided to use this to prank Dwight. Jim convinced Dwight that he was Asian. He hired his friend to come into the office for a day and pretended to be him. The photograph even helped improve his prank.

4. Desk Items In The Vending Machine

 A bobblehead sounds like a really good snack doesn’t it? Jim pranked Dwight by placing some of his desk items inside the vending machine. What makes it great is that Jim gave him a bag of nickels that made him buy all his items back. Genius.

5. The ‘Gaydar’

 Jim convinced both Dwight and Michael that there was a device they could buy online that could tell if someone was gay or not. Of course, they bought the contraption and decided to test it on everyone in the office.

6. Being A Real Vampire

After telling Dwight that he might have been bitten by a bat, Dwight thought he was going to turn into a vampire. Jim took the opportunity to further enhance the scenario and started acting like he was turning into a vampire to prank Dwight. He pretended to be blinded by the light from Angela’s cross and stating that Karen’s garlic bread burns him.

7. Being Part Of The CIA

 What better way to prank someone than telling them they’re being recruited by the CIA for a top secret mission. Jim and Pam prank Dwight by sending him letters on the steps to take in order to be considered for a top secret mission.

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